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I held the ACME studios funded 2 year residency in East London Between 2009 and 2011 and I have also participated in a number of international residencies. These have included the Khora residency (Syros 2015) Tutto Questo Sentire (Tuscany 2016 curated by Olivia Salvadori, Rebecca Salvadori and Sandro Mussida) and The Encyclopaedia of Human Relations (Madeira 2017 curated by Mark Fell)

Artists involved as curators or participants in these projects have included

Oren Ambarchi, Matt Carlson, Crys Cole, Mark Fell, Giovanni Lami, Sandro Mussida, Michael Pisaro, Rebecca Salvadori, Olivia Salvadori, Deborah Stratman and Danae Stefanou

This interview was made at TQS by Hanna Bächer