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Over many years I have developed an extended vocabulary of techniques based not just on western musical systems, but on also my research into woodwind traditions around the world, and my own experimentation. I have made instruments, particularly flutes and neys (middle eastern oblique-blown flutes) as well as some experimental versions. I am now experimenting with preparations, and have developed a piece for prepared bass flute and electronics which uses a modification from a flute I bought in Mali (West Africa). I play a range of African, near Eastern and far-Eastern wind instruments including double reeds and free reed instruments. For the full instrument list please go to the downloads section. I have studied Turkish Ney with Kudsi Erguner and Omer Erdogdular and Persian ney with Iraj Imami.

As a studio musician I have featured on many sound tracks including The Lord of The Rings trilogy, Apocalypto, The passion of the Christ, Beloved, The Kingdom of Heaven. For more specific information please download my instrument list and CV from the downloads area

DIRK JAN 131 - Version 2