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Video score ‘Alterations’ for three performers.

This is a live recording of a performance by the ensemble CHROMA at Soundwaves festival in Brighton, the piece has also been performed by CHROMA at Kings Place in London and by Patrick Farmer trio. The performers in this recording are Stuart King (clarinet) Ian Watson (accordion) and David Aspin (viola). The recording was edited onto the video score after the performance. I had begun to think about strategies to develop pieces in which performers could challenge their own methods in performance. More recently, I have been making miniature video pieces that could be reinterpreted in many ways, almost like a cell, presenting endless variety and possibilities. I have tried to make something which can be performed by musicians from any tradition, but which will always present creative challenges in performance.

The score is largely non deterministic, and a variety of strategies can be used to perform it. The visual nature of the piece, although not narrative, is designed to be simple and transparent so that the audience can have access to the choices of the musicians, creating an emergent structure that is different every time. This short structure can be performed up to three times in one uninterrupted performance. The video footage was shot whilst travelling around London.