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This project was response to the environment of Poplar where I worked during my Acme studio residency. The sound from the piece consists of two voices, both women living in the area. Joyce is an older resident who has lived in the same house in Abbott road for sixty years, and Floria is a younger woman of African descent who moved to the area recently. Extended loops of their voices are played back through a multi channel system made of eleven salvaged car doors and car radios.

The work uses granulation to emphasis the vocal transients in the interview material. The piece explores the idea of transience in relation to this location where a lot of change and building work was taking place. This area of Poplar is bisected by the A12 which dominates the soundscape and divides the area geographically, with cars constantly passing by at speed. Opposite my studio was a dealer selling scrap car components, which seemed to emphasis the temporary nature of the place.

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