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harmonic motion: composition for prepared bass guitars and fans Exhibited at IMT gallery Nov 08

In mechanical terms the swinging pendulum is an example of simple harmonic motion, but it also has associations with universal order and hypnosis. Interfering with the system using friction using motors and the flow of air it is creates more complex patterns in the pendulums, which move in and out of phase. Periods of stability can be observed, along with sudden departures into unpredictable movement and chaotic behaviour. The prepared strings of the guitars respond, also exhibiting simple harmonic motion, but at higher frequencies.

Vibration and oscillations in materials can transfer energy to other bodies, which resonate in sympathy. This gives rise to phenomena such as entrainment which is observed when pendulums begin to swing in phase, or when biorhythmic cycles, brainwaves or physical gestures synchronise. The overall duration of this piece is determined by the gradual dissipation of charge in the batteries. This entropic aspect of the piece can create unpredictable elements; the piece may stop suddenly or gradually become quieter.